Outside body

Pensions Committee


Responsible for controlling and resolving all matters relating to the Superannuation Fund for the Tyne and Wear Metropolitan District Councils and for investing the Superannuation Fund monies.


1 Representative must be elected.

Annual Appointment.


The Pensions Committee has requested that a substitute appointment be made.



Meetings 2021/22


Meetings are held quarterly plus an annual meeting with trades unions and employers and a budget meeting:


9.30am 10 June 2021

9.30am 23 September 2021

9.30am 9 November 2021 (annual meeting with trade unions and employers)

9.30am 30 November 2021

10.00am 1 February 2022 (budget and service plan)

9.30am 4 March 2022


Contact information

Location: South Shields Town Hall, South Tyneside

Karen Connolly, Strategy and Democracy Officerr

Phone: 0191 424 7691

Website: http://www.twpf.info/article/26337/Pensions-Committee-Information

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