Agenda item

21/01171/FUL, Site of Former Drift Inn, Front Street, Seaton Burn

To consider a full planning application from Northumbria Vehicles for the erection of 9no. dwelling houses.


The Committee considered a report from the planning officers in relation to a full planning application from Northumbria Vehicles for the erection of 9no. dwelling houses with associated parking and landscaping.


A planning officer presented details of the application with the aid of various maps, plans and photographs.


In accordance with the Committee’s Speaking Rights Scheme Mr & Mrs Hogg of Front Street, Seaton Burn had been granted permission to speak to the Committee. Mr Hogg lived and operated licensed kennels at the property adjacent to the development site. He explained that he supported the development of the site, but any development should be conditional on protecting the operation of the kennels from complaints from occupiers. Mr Hogg welcomed the realignment of the housing and the reduction in the number of units but he still believed 9 units would be an overdevelopment of the site. He contended that the noise survey undertaken over a 24 hour period in April 2021 was not representative of the operation of the business and that assessments could be very subjective to support any desired outcome.


Mr R Purvis of Northumbrian Vehicles addressed the Committee to respond to Mr Hogg’s comments. Mr Purvis explained that a noise monitoring device had been located on the site for a period of 4 weeks when the noise recorded  from the A19 road had been greater than that caused by the dogs. The site was at the gateway of Seaton Burn and the proposed development would improve the appearance of the area. Neighbouring residents had expressed their support for the scheme and there had previously been no objections to a proposal to construct a 50 bed care home on the site. Anything less than 9 units on the site would not be viable. Mr Purvis queried whether the location of the livestock at Meadow Cottage could be managed to minimise the impact of noise on occupiers. 


Members of the Committee asked questions of the speakers and officers and made comments. In doing so the Committee gave particular consideration to:

a)      the levels and heights of the proposed development in relation to Meadow Cottage;

b)      the proposed surface water attenuation scheme;

c)       the separation distances between the proposed development and Meadow Cottage;

d)      the proposed condition requiring the applicant to erect and retain a 1.8m high acoustic fence between the site and Meadow Cottage;

e)      the proposed sound attenuation measures recommended by the Environmental Health Officer to ensure noise levels at the properties do not exceed good standards;

f)        the defences available to the operators of the kennels to any complaints about noise, if all reasonable steps have been taken to minimise the noise;

g)      the nature and outcomes of three separate noise assessment exercises undertaken on site; and

h)      the effect of the designation of the site for housing within the Local Plan and its potential to provide 5-8 units which was indicative and not definitive.


Resolved that (1) the Committee is minded to grant the application subject to completion of a legal agreement under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and the addition, omission or amendment of any other conditions considered necessary;

(2) the Director of Housing, Environment and Leisure be authorised to determine the application following the completion of a legal agreement under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 to secure a £1,359 contribution towards coastal mitigation; and;

(3) the Director of Law and Governance and the Director of Environment, Housing and Leisure be authorised to undertake all necessary procedures under Section 278 of the Highways Act 1980 to secure the following highways improvements:

New access

Upgrade of footpaths abutting the site

Associated street lighting

Associated drainage

Associated road markings

Associated Traffic Regulation Orders

Associated street furniture & signage.



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