Agenda item

Motion 3 - Social Care Spending


It was moved by Councillor W Samuel and seconded by Councillor J Kirwin that:


Council notes:


  • Social care spending nationally currently accounts for nearly half of all spending in councils nationally.
  • The Conservative Government has cut over £127 million from North Tyneside Council’s budget and transferred responsibility for paying for social care to local residents and businesses. With the council tax rises in the past few years being as a result and mainly made up of the social care precept.
  • Government contribution to council spending has gone down from 50% to 10% in the past 8 years with the Government instead placing the burden on residents and businesses.
  • Nationally the Conservatives have left 1.6 million elderly and disabled people without the help they need.


North Tyneside Council believes:


  • The Government’s ‘plan’ for social care would force the burden for paying onto the low paid and young working population.
  • The Conservative Government’s plan would result in a tax on jobs through employers’ NI contribution.
  • The plan hammers those low paid working in social care at the same time as facing a cut in Universal Credit, they’ll also face the biggest burden from the national insurance increase while the Government once again fails to improve their often poor terms and conditions.


North Tyneside Council calls upon the Mayor to:


  • Write to the Chancellor of the Exchequer to raise the funds via taxes or other routes which share the burden more equitably across society and fairy reflect ability to pay.


An amendment was moved by Councillor S Brockbank and seconded by Councillor G Westwater as follows:


Under Council notes, in the second bullet point, delete the wording after ‘The Conservative Government’ and replace with:


“is committed to taking the difficult decisions and tackling these problems head on, creating a sustainable adult care system that is fit for the future.’’


Delete the third and fourth bullet points and replace with:


·         An extra £36 billion will be invested in the health and care system over the next three years, including £5.4 billion in adult social care, to ensure it has the resources it needs to recover from the pandemic. In order to fund such a significant increase in permanent spending, the Government has had to make the tough but responsible choice to increase taxes. A new 1.25 per cent dedicated Health and Social Care Levy, based on National Insurance Contributions, is being introduced.


·         There are further proposals to follow on tackling the Social Care issues later this year.


Delete the wording after ‘North Tyneside Council believes’ and replace with:


·         The Conservative Government has taken decisive action to deliver the funding that the NHS needs to get back on its feet after the pandemic, and a long-term funding plan for our social care system which has been neglected by parties of both sides for decades.


Delete the wording after ‘North Tyneside Council calls upon the Mayor to’ and replace with:


·         Write to the Prime Minister to welcome that a sustainable long-term plan for social care has now been put in place.


·         Write to the Leader of the Labour Party to ask him to support the Prime Minister’s sustainable plan for the future of social care so this issue can finally stop being a political football.


The Council was advised that the amendment could not be considered in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 12(8) as it would have the effect of negating the Motion.


The Motion, on being put to the meeting, was approved by 43 votes to 7 votes.