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North Tyneside Council Covid-19 Recovery Programme

To consider a closure report for the Authority’s Covid-19 Recovery Programme detailing what has been achieved and how the Programme objectives have been met


Cabinet considered a closure report on the Authority’s Covid-19 Recovery Programme detailing what had been achieved and how the Programme objectives had been met.


The Authority’s Covid-19 Recovery Framework and associated work programme previously agreed by Cabinet had created a structured approach to recovery from the pandemic, with 3 clear phases of: restart; transition and rebuild and grow. The programme had run from June 2020 to July 2021. The Programme had been directed throughout by the Elected Mayor and Cabinet with delivery overseen by an officer level Recovery Coordinating Group (RCG).


All Programme workstreams had been successfully closed with details of achievements and how the Programme objectives had been met set out in Appendix 1 to the report.


Since the start of the pandemic, 20,509 positive cases of the virus had been detected in North Tyneside; sadly, 481 people in the Borough had died.  Local outbreak control arrangements with the NHS and other partners had successfully managed the testing, track and trace and vaccination work for the Borough.  North Tyneside had some of the highest compliance rates and take up for testing and vaccination, across the country.


The Authority had ensured support for those residents and authority employees who were classed as clinically extremely vulnerable.  Open spaces and areas of natural beauty had continued to be maintained to provide a much needed outlet for maintaining personal wellbeing.  Many local businesses had found new and innovative ways to continue trading during the pandemic and had been supported with an extensive range of advice and support from the Authority.  Rapid and transformational service changes had taken place and the Authority would seek to keep these as part of its ongoing customer service programme. The Local Government Association had recently described the Authority’s response to the pandemic as ‘commendable’. 


This report signalled the end of the Authority’s emergency response to the pandemic. How the Authority and its partners addressed the longer-term effects from the pandemic would be taken forward through a new Our North Tyneside Plan and the work of the Health and Wellbeing Board through a new Health and Wellbeing strategy to tackle health and socio-economic inequalities.


The Authority had consulted with stakeholders throughout and in particular at the end of each phase of the Recovery Programme. Feedback from this engagement had been used to inform and shape the Programme as it progressed.  


Work to both commemorate loss and celebrate the response to the pandemic across the Borough would continue as part of the Elected Mayor’s Spirit of North Tyneside scheme.


The Elected Mayor thanked everyone involved in the delivery of the Covid-19 Recovery Programme and commented that the spirit of North Tyneside had truly shone through and the collective response had made a real difference to the lives of thousands of people.


Cabinet considered the following decision options: either to agree the recommendations as set out in Section 1.2 of the report, or alternatively to disagree with the proposals.


Resolved that (1) the North Tyneside Council Covid-19 Recovery Programme, End of Programme Report, Appendix 1 be noted; and

(2) the closure of the North Tyneside Council Covid-19 Recovery Programme be approved.


(Reasons for decision: The end of Programme closure report has assessed the delivery of the Programme’s objectives and where necessary, confirmed where ongoing support is in place, to ensure change continues to be embedded. The overall performance of the Programme and its management processes have been evaluated and lessons learned compiled, so that they may benefit any post Programme activity or future recovery programmes. Programme information has been reviewed and updated, including risks and finance. The disbanding of the temporary organisation of the Programme is explained in Appendix 1, along with the arrangements for any additional, post Programme activities.)


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