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Council Plan Refresh

To seek approval to the initial proposals for an updated Our North Tyneside Council Plan following the Mayoral election in May 2021; and to undertake engagement with residents and other key stakeholders on these initial proposals. 


(*Note: In accordance with the provisions of the Local Authorities (Executive Arrangements) (Meetings and Access to Information) (England) Regulations 2012, notice is given that this item has not been subject to 28 days’ notice due to the need to approve a refreshed Council Plan following the mayoral election in May 2021 and in advance of Cabinet’s consideration of budget proposals in the autumn this year.)


Cabinet considered a report seeking approval to the initial proposals for an updated Our North Tyneside Council Plan following the Mayoral election in May 2021; and to undertake engagement with residents and other key stakeholders on these initial proposals.


The current Our North Tyneside Council Plan 2020-2024 had been approved by full Council on 18 February 2021. Following the Mayoral election on 6 May 2021 the Council Plan needed to be updated to reflect the policy priorities of the incoming administration.  As per the Council’s Budget and Policy Framework as set out in theCouncil Constitution, the Council Plan requires final approval by full Council following consideration on initial and final proposals by Cabinet and the Overview, Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee. 


The proposed refreshed Council Plan was around a vision of building a better North Tyneside looking to the future.  Throughout all that the Council did, there would be a clear focus on listening to and working with residents, businesses, the community and voluntary sector and all other stakeholders to ensure that things were delivered in partnership and in line with the different needs of the borough. 


The Council Plan future vision was of a North Tyneside in the following five themes: thriving; family-friendly; caring; secure; and green.


It was proposed that each of these five themes had a clear set of policy priorities and outcomes as set out in the report.


The Authority was committed to being an organisation that worked better for residents and to ensure that it listened and cared, was ambitious and provided good value for money.  This commitment included giving residents and other key stakeholders an opportunity to be involved in setting the key priorities for what it would deliver as set out in the Council Plan.  This would be done through a comprehensive engagement approach.


The aim of the engagement approach was to reach different parts of the borough’s population including residents, customers/users of council services, businesses, community and voluntary sector organisations as well as other key stakeholders and particular groups of people, including those with protected characteristics.  The approach also ensured reach with particular interest groups such as carers, older people, children and young people, council housing tenants and people from black, Asian and other minority ethnic communities.  The approach comprised targeted activity with both internal and external stakeholders as set out below.


The approach to engagement would be consistent with the principles of the Authority’s corporate engagement strategy, as described in the report.


The Elected Mayor commented that, through this plan the Authority would build on its excellent track record of delivery over the past eight years and address the key challenges it now faced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  It was a plan to build a better North Tyneside and to restore hope and confidence in the future where the Authority tackled inequalities and discrimination and ensured that no-one was left behind.


The engagement approach was welcomed by Members and partners, and Cabinet was informed that VODA would be keen to be involved in assisting with engagement activities.


Cabinet considered the following decision options: to accept the recommendations set out in paragraph 1.2 of the report; or alternatively, to not accept the recommendations.


Resolved that (1) the proposed updated content for the Our North Tyneside Council Plan, as set out in paragraphs 1.5.3 and 1.5.4 of the report, be approved; and

(2) engagement be undertaken with residents and other key stakeholders on the proposed updated content as set out in paragraphs 1.5.5 to 1.5.8 of the report.


(Reason for decision: this will allow for engagement to be carried out on the initial proposals for the refreshed Our North Tyneside Council Plan during July with a final set of proposals to be considered by Cabinet at its meeting on 2 August.)


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