Agenda and draft minutes

Green Sub Committee - Tuesday, 26th March, 2024 6.00 pm

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Appointment of Substitute Members

To receive notification of the appointment of any Substitute Members at the meeting.


In accordance with the Council’s Constitution the following Substitute Member was reported:



Councillor J O’Shea for Councillor M Hall.


Declarations of Interests and Dispensations

You are invited to declare any registerable and/or non-registerable interests in matters appearing on the agenda, and the nature of that interest.


You are also invited to disclose any dispensations that have been granted to you in relation to any matters appearing on the agenda.


There were no declarations of interest or dispensations reported.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 30 KB

To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 9 January 2024.


The minutes of the meeting of the sub-committee held on 9 January 2024 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Waste Strategy Review: Communications Update and Reuse and Circular Econom pdf icon PDF 89 KB

This report provides an update on actions taken since Sub Committee met on 9 January 2024.


The Head of Environmental Sustainability recapped to the committee that this report and presentation was part of the Waste Strategy refresh. The Committee were being asked for suggestions to build into the Strategy considering the development of national policy and emerging local needs. This session would focus on the ongoing development of communications and marketing and the circular economy aspects of that Strategy. The Authority hoped to be able to move toward a circular economy, with more possibilities to reuse rather than recycle.


The officers stated that the input from the Committee members so far had been invaluable and gratefully received, highlighting the feature in the residents’ magazine and updating the A to Z of rubbish.


Officers reported to the committee about recent Public feedback events and spoke on residents requiring further clarity on recycling and that the website and recycling map could use more exposure. Officers also mentioned more closely with waste collection crews, schools and local businesses.


A discussion took place about where things were at regarding food waste, officers said that the current focus was on engagement and research as the implementation would require a lengthy lead-in time.


Regarding textiles, members offered up suggestions of reuse / marketplace sites as well as charity shops. Other local shops were suggested as possible suggestions for toys and furniture to be added to the map for the authority.


In a discussion on Engagement and those residents who were not already predisposed to recycle, officers stated that this was something they were always considering and would welcome any suggestions from members.


Officers agreed to explore the possibility of letting members know about bin contamination hotspots in their wards though the figures were not high in relation to tother urban authorities. With crews now actively reporting these findings back to officers, it should be easier to create maps of these areas. Members were reminded of the Authority’s process in dealing with contaminated bins, and that the initial guidance stickering was proving successful, and while the onus was being put onto residents to resolve contamination, the bins were not being left indefinitely.


Members asked if the recycling caddy spec could be re-explored as there were concerns about their durability, and officers agreed.


The recycling of empty Blister Packs was also discussed, and officers stated that this was something that could be investigated further. A query about potato starch packaging was made and officers confirmed that this would need to go with garden / food waste as this was compostable.


It was agreed that the report be noted.


Work Programme 2023-24

To consider the priorities for inclusion in the Sub-committee’s work programme 2024-25.


The Chair thanked the members of the Committee and officers for their support and involvement, and wished those members standing for re-election good luck.


Date and Time of next meeting

The next Committee meeting will be held on 30 July at 6:00pm.


The next meeting of the Sub-Committee is 30 Jul 2024 6.00 pm.